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The farming traditions of Butler Farms extend for over a 100 years. It was started by emancipated slaves and expanded and contracted under future generations. Today we take the wisdom and experience of times past coupled with the agricultural advancements of later years and use them to produce good tasting healthy Angus beef. We are Tennessee Beef Quality Assurance Certified and are Tennessee Advanced Master Beef Producers.It is Butler Farms desire to produce nutritious Angus beef free of harmful chemicals. We work to gain the health benefits of high quality grass fed beef along with the good taste and marbling of a forage-grain mix. This gives the benefit of lower fat and therefore lower calories while still producing some of the good stuff (higher amounts of oleic acid), found in grain finished beef.We partner with area USDA approved processors to provide this protein enriched, good tasting Angus beef at prices that rival the cost of good hamburger. Animals are reserved by our beef consumers six to eight months before they are ready for processing. Whole or half animals are available for purchase.We also raise a mixed breed of goats. They help us with natural brush control while providing a good source of tasty meat.  Check us out: PBS Documentary  ​ Successful Farming Magazine

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